Consulting Services for Water Conservation Policy, Programs, and Outreach

O’Cain Consulting provides innovative water conservation, drought planning, public policy, grant writing and outreach services to public agencies and businesses across the globe.


Clients include businesses, public agencies, municipalities, water agencies, manufacturers, and non-profits.


Consulting Services:

  • Developing policies, programs, and projects to meet local, state and national water conservation regulations and best management practices.
  • Researching proven policies, programs, technologies, and customer engagement strategies that fit your individual needs.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard.
  • Providing detailed plans to implement policies and projects.
  • Searching for funding sources to help you implement these projects.
  • Writing grants to help you secure funding.
  • Providing technical assistance for technologies and best management practices.
  • Assisting businesses bridge the gap with public agencies to deploy new technologies and best management practices.

Together we can create solutions with achievable results.

Lecture Services

Sharing knowledge is a fundamental to Kim’s mission of conserving water. From round-table discussions to classes in sustainable landscaping, I’m prepared to share.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Sustainable Landscaping
  • Water Neutrality Policy
  • Water Shortage Response Planning and Implementation
  • Enforcing Regulations
  • Customer Engagement
  • Low-tech to high-tech Water Saving Technologies

Proven Success

What is your Challenge?

  • Need help starting or enhancing water-conservation programs?

  • Need to meet local or state mandates?

  • Need help finding cost-effective local water supply?

  • Need help engaging water agencies and their customers?


Together we can find innovative, practical solutions.

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