Kim O’Cain has developed and managed cutting-edge water conservation policies and programs that have saved tens of millions of gallons per year, installed over 60,000 water saving-devices, installed over 700 sustainable landscape rebates, performed over 4,000 audits in Santa Monica, California. She is bringing that experience and dedication to clients across the globe to help them achieve lasting water conservation results.

Results: Sustainable Water Master Plan

In 2014 Kim assisted in developing the roadmap to water self-sufficiency by 2020 by maximizing water conservation, alternate water supplies, and local groundwater supplies to avoid importing water. A 20% reduction in water conservation was achieved and maintained under budget and ahead of schedule through the aggressive implementation of programs and policies.

Water Neutrality Ordinance

In 2016 Kim led a diverse group of stakeholders to develop this ground-breaking ordinance that caps water usage in new developments to the existing property’s 5-year annual average usage. She successfully implemented the ordinance 7-months ahead of schedule.

Sustainable Landscaping

Since 2004 Kim has literally changed the face of Santa Monica from lawns to beautiful sustainable landscapes. Kim developed the first sustainable landscape rebate in California and wrote the first prescriptive landscape ordinance which the State used as the basis for the model ordinance. Her push for sustainable landscaping transformed the market place for climate-appropriate plants, drip irrigation, low flow irrigation valves and professionals knowledgeable in maintaining these gardens. The garden\garden demonstration project showed that sustainable gardens use 83% less water, generate 56% less green waste, and require 68% less maintenance than lawns and traditional landscapes.

We LOVE Water Outreach and Marketing

Since 2001 Kim has helped develop and produce relevant marketing and outreach campaigns targeted at a variety of audiences resulting in thousands of impressions and actions.