O’Cain Consulting, Inc. has officially launched!

I have been passionate about water since I was a little girl going to bayous in Louisiana and beaches in Alabama and Florida. I knew I wanted to make it my career when, as an undergrad in the early 90’s, I had the amazing opportunity to work with Chuck Wilson, Professor of Oceanography, at Louisiana State University, take marine biology, coastal morphodynamics and environmental managements classes, and work in the field. I learned to scuba dive and swam a mile every day during college. I was obsessed.

That passion led me to The River Project on Pier 26 in NYC, a delightful estuarium in Tribeca (now housed at Chelsea Piers) where I taught students from all 5 boroughs about the Hudson River habitat and watershed. I helped develop the curriculum, write grants, maintain the aquarium tanks, and managed the fish catch and release program. We documented all number of amazing aquatic life making their home in an estuary that was just starting to rebound after years of contamination. It was inspiring to watch young children marvel at the wildlife in the city.

After a few years, I moved with my husband to Santa Monica, CA where we have lived for the past 20 years. It didn’t take long for me to find my roots and land a job for another aquarium on another pier. For several years, I worked as the Volunteer Coordinator for the UCLA Ocean Discovery Center (now the Heal the Bay Santa Monica Pier Aquarium). My passion for environmental education, water quality and water conservation grew. I worked with amazing selfless community members who shared countless hours working the touch tanks, feeding the animals, and teaching school kids and visitors about the wonders of the Pacific Ocean. I loved teaching the volunteers and filling in as the educational docent not to mention being surrounded by the tranquil movement of water and fish all day.

Through this work, I had the opportunity to work with the City of Santa Monica. When a job opening for a water conservation coordinator opened, I jumped at the opportunity. For more than 15 years, I grew the position, policies and programs that led to tens of millions of gallons saved. This work was so rewarding, because I got to work one-on-one with residents, business owners, environmental groups, and City staff to create change and help make Santa Monica more sustainable. I am forever grateful for the trust and support from the City Council, the City Manager, and my Public Works team to allow me to dream big, dive in, and implement some of the most innovative programs in the country.

With the knowledge I gained and my passion greater than ever, I decided to offer my skills to other agencies and businesses that are interested in making meaningful and successful water conservation efforts to ensure their water supply is reliable and sustainable for generations to come. So please call or email me if you are interested in learning more about O’Cain Consulting’s services.


Kim O’Cain, President