Kim O’Cain spent more than 15-years with the City of Santa Monica in California leading cutting-edge water conservation policies, programs, and outreach that have been replicated in cities across the country. Her experience covers every aspect of developing and implementing successful water conservation projects including performing water audits for residential and commercial customers, writing and enforcing ordinances, piloting new technologies and practices that have transformed the market, developing holistic water master plans, and creating and implementing marketing campaigns. Kim believes that partnerships are the key to success and works with stakeholders across sectors to achieve practical solutions that can be replicated in other cities and water agencies. She brings passion, dedication, and results for each project she co-creates.

Now Kim is providing her expertise to help other businesses and agencies create practical solutions to water-conservation challenges.

Proven Success

What is your Challenge?

  • Need help starting or enhancing water-conservation programs?

  • Need to meet local or state mandates?

  • Need help finding cost-effective local water supply?

  • Need help engaging water agencies and their customers?


Together we can find innovative, practical solutions.

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